It has been many years since I first heard Radiohead. I don’t even think I quite knew or realized what a big impact on my life they would have when I did hear “Creep” on the radio.  I liked the song, but it and the band didn’t become a big part of my life until OK Computer.  While I was blown away with this album, I still didn’t dive that deeply into things until they released In Rainbows. This was the final musical straw for me that sent me on a listening spree to figure out what I had missed all those years…  WoW, it was and has been a fun adventure.

This band, like my previous one(The Interference – U2 Inspired), sprung from a desire to capture and build upon what Radiohead meant to me.  Just like that journey, this one has taken me down an entirely different path.

Hal Collier // Guitar / Engineer – May 11, 2016… He was the first!  We met on Craigslist when I posted about starting a band.  He played guitar and I could sing. (or try!)  We figured we’d get together and see what we could do.  Within no time, we realized “Hey, we might actually need a drummer!” So we looked for one and…

Chris Oram // Drums appeared! He, Hal and I started playing together and of course we wanted to find a bass player, so enter…

Bert Mims // Bass He can be heard on our recording of “King’s Down“.  His bass part, and of course Chris’ drum part really solidified a song into being probably one of my favorite out of any song. (Not just ours).   We all worked and recorded songs over the next 6 months and eventually Bert had other things in his life he wanted to work on so he departed.

Over the course of the next few months we would entertain a couple of other bass players including Chris’ friend Chuck(Charles) — great guy, just didn’t have time and of course Michael Stephens who would probably still be with the band had he not be so talented and already involved in 3 or 4 other bands; he simply didn’t have the time we needed!

Fast Forward to November 2017 when I decided I’d pick the bass back up and we were going to look for another guitarist to round out our sound.  That is when…

Matt Makorow // Guitar came on board.  Matt’s influence can be heard on songs such as “Struggle”, “I Await Her”, and “A Few Miles Closer”.  He is an amazing guitarist but has decided to work on only instrumental bits; interestingly enough with Hal and other previous members of our band — Bert and Chris!

Some time in January 2018, sadly, we had to look for a new drummer because Chris didn’t have the time to put into things that Hal and I wanted.  So we looked and we found…

John Brainerd // Drums is an amazing drummer.  He teaches at the local guitar center and is our newest addition to the team.  You can hear John’s influence already on songs such as “Struggle”, “I Await Her”, “Release” and others plus many more to come.

Trae McCombs (Sicnus) // Vocals / Guitar / Bass I am the voice you hear when you listen to any of the songs.  While I wish I sounded more like Thom Yorke or even Bono, it ultimately comes out like me. 🙂  I hope you like and enjoy it.

* bold blue letters indicate current band members

For fun, and historical purposes, here is the list of our band’s previous names.  Yes, we have had this many band names…

  • Decks Dark
  • King’s Release
  • Deep Blue Goodbye


Big shout-out to my dearest friend Jay Bagwell.  If he hadn’t taken me under his wing, this band would have never happened.  I owe everything musically I am to him as a mentor.